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Our Advantage

Investment in Innovation

Specialised planting, growing and picking processes

Our orchard is planted at the optimum density and is managed to produce high
quality, , decease resistant and high yield product.
We have a stock of more than 40 varieties and adding more every year.
We are trialing mechanical harvesting and changing our growing systems to adapt to this new innovation.

*Processing *

Finger Limes Fresh have developed specialised processing equipment for washing, waxing and packing the selected finger limes.
Packing includes carton and punnet packing machinery for whole fruit.

Pulp (bead/pearl) extraction and sachet and pouch processing equipment has been developed and installed to increase the utilisation of harvested fruit and extend the availability.
The use of conveyor grading lines and packing facilities allows a low cost processing.

Fingerlimes Fresh have invested in a large nursery that allows us to quickly respond to market demand for new varieties .
These plants are supplied as cuttings or grafted stock to new commercial growers and wholesale nurseries.

The large orchard (10,000 + trees ) and current production of 15 – 20 tonnes is targeted at export with expanding Australia wide supply via eCommerce and Australia Post.
Orders placed Monday / Tuesday will reach customers before the end of week.
Orders will not be shipped 3 days before the week end.

Please contact us for more information.