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Finger Limes Fresh exports both fresh and frozen finger limes worldwide and can help you navigate most regulations to ensure your order arrives in peak condition.

Restrictions & Certifications

Some countries, such as Japan and the USA restrict the importation of fresh citrus fruits. The primary reason for this restriction due to fruit fly and various citrus diseases which are known to be present in Australia. Native finger
have been found to host fruit fly. Fingerlimes Fresh does ave several varieties that have a high resistance and the Australian Government is currently undertaking an extensive investigation to clarify this issue for importing countries.
However at this point in time, finger limes must be imported into Japan as frozen whole fruit.

Importation into the EU requires certain certificates such as Black Spot inspections by the Australian Government and evidence of chemical spray diaries and MRL (minimum Residue Levels) of toxic chemicals and metals.

In addition the fruit is inspected prior to departure by Government Quarantine (AQIS) inspectors .

Freight and Shipping Sizes

Air and Sea Freight
The minimum cost and most effective bulk shipping weight by air is 100 kg.
The container rate by sea requires a minimum order of 2000 kg unless consolidated with other product.

Shipping units

Finger Limes Fresh product is shipped in vented 1kg cartons 15cm wide x 25cm length x 8cm depth
The cartons are consolidated as 8 boxes in a 30L styrofoam box for ease of handling and minimising tempperature variation.
Data loggers are included in most shipments.
The fruit is washed and waxed (EU certified canaubia wax) for increased life.


There are fixed costs that include Air Freight, Freight Forwarder handling and quarantine inspection costs.
Additional costs include blast freezing and dry ice shipping if required .
Generally these additional costs comprise approximately 15 – 20% of the total FIS price depending on their destination country.


The finger lime harvesting season is December to June during which time,import restrictions permitting, fresh finger limes are supplied.

The base price per kilo (ex costs) varies from AUD $25 to AUD $40 depending on the variety (colour) and seasonality.

Shelf life and Other Products

The shelf life for fresh finger limes is approximately 4-5 weeks at 5-10 degrees celsius.
Blast frozen finger limes have a shelf life of up to 12 months at -4 degrees celsius.
The limes are pre-washed in hypochlorite (150ppm) and waxed in canaubia citrus wax.
This extends shelf life and reduces moisture loss.

Finger Limes Fresh undertakes a program of continuous investment and innovation to develop new value added finger lime products which extend both the shelf-life and convenient usage of this exotic native fruit.

Export Orders

For orders outside of Australia, please contact us.form on this website for a price quotation – remember to include the order quantity, import country and port and any special product or packing requirements and note that orders less than 100kg attract a higher air freight charge.

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