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Consulting Services

Nursery and Grower consulting services

We offer an extensive range of consulting services for the Finger lime industry

Finger Limes Fresh provides professional nursery, processing and export facilities to finger lime
growers. In addition, Finger Limes Fresh offers a management advisory service for
new and current growers covering all aspects of finger lime farming with the goal of
creating sustainable growth for this emerging agri-food market.


The nursery is a large facility that has capacity for the propagation of 100,000 plants
annually. The plants are either propagated by cutting (majority) or grafting (wedge grafts on a variety of scion stock).

Processing facilities

Processing facilities include large cool rooms, washing, waxing and drying
processors, grading, sorting and packing machines. The processing facilities are
licensed by the NSW Food Authority to process fruit and fruit products.

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