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What can I use Finger Limes for ?

Finger limes are great in salads, deserts, ice cream, panacotta and as a garnish for seafood such as oysters and fish.

What about drinks?

Although there have been many recommendations for using them in Gin and Tonic, Rum Punches Cocktails and many more they are not a substitute for normal lime (tahitian) juice.
The fresh citrus flavour of finger limes is released only when the juice bubbles burst upon biting or crunching.However both the flavour and texture of finger limes works perfectly with lime juice.

How long will they stay fresh?

It depends!
Finger limes are best picked in the morning and should not be picked in after heavy rain or wet periods
They should not have blemishes such as insect damage (citrus bugs) or ruptured skin or be soft on the ends.
If the fruit has not been sprayed (with Copper) for moulds then be assured it will not last long and start showing blue green moulds with in a week.

Finger Limes Fresh washes the fruit direct from picking in Hypochlorite solution, which is then dried and waxed with canoubia wax. The waxing reduces up to 30% the loss of water content.

The fruit is then packed into box 1 kg cartons and stored in cool rooms at 5C before shipping or blast freezing.
Our finger limes have been shown to last a minimum of 2 weeks at 25C or 1 month in fridge at 5C under these conditions.

What varieties of finger limes do you sell?

There is a lot of confusion, duplication and misinformation regarding finger lime varieties. Almost all finger limes currently being grown are direct from native sources. They have not been bred.
Confusingly, many varieties of finger limes are known by several names.
To provide clarity, Finger Limes Fresh has developed a classification system that identifies (reasonably well) the over 40 varieties of finger limes that we grow on our plantation.

For example

GPM – Green skin pink Flesh Medium size
GPL – Green skin Pink Flesh Large fruit (> 20g)
GEM – Green skin Emerald green flesh Medium Size

Do you sell finger lime trees ?

Yes we have a large nursery – primarily for our own use. We currently have 10,000 trees planted.
We provide cuttings and grafted stock. The plants take from 1 – 2 years before suitable for planting and another 2 years to yield from 5 to 10kg of fruit per tree.

What is the advantage / disadvantage of cuttings vs grafts?

Grafts have traditionally been used in the Citrus industry (Trifoliata and Citranger root stock) mainly to facilitate planting in a wide range of soil conditions.
In our experience cuttings, in our location,are just as vigorous, and yields as high or greater than grafted trees.
There are many reasons – local soil conditions that are native to finger limes and that Trifoliata/Citranger may not necessarily be the best root stock. There is also research that shows that some root stock varieties do not always give the correct nutrition uptake as others for specific grafted species. Meyer lemon is a good example.
Why? Because Finger limes grow well from cuttings and you can produce 50 cuttings in the same time as a graft takes.

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