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About Finger limes

Everything you ever wanted to know about finger limes

What are Finger limes?

Finger limes are a native to the Northern Rivers area and are a true citrus (Citrus australasica). Although a rainforest species they will grow well in open sunlight and are known to grow commercially on the Eastern Seaboard and in West Australia. They will grow anywhere that traditional citrus will grow. The fruiting season in Northern NSW is from November to June.

The flesh of finger limes is made up of small, bead-like balls of juice that burst in the mouth with a delicious fragrant lime flavour. The fruit can be from 5cm to 12cm long and comes in range of colours from yellow through various shades of green to deep purple and a spectacular bright pink. The skin does not always reflect the colour of the flesh and the colour often becomes more intense with ripening.

Can I use Finger limes as a substitute for Tahitian Limes?

Finger limes are usually used as a garnish of fruit rather than actual juice. The juice is only released when the tiny vesicles are broken. The juice of Tahitian (and Indian) certainly enhances the presentation and flavour of finger limes.

What is Finger lime Caviar?

The ‘caviar’ is the description given to the tiny 3-7mm vesicles of juice that differentiate the finger lime from other citrus. In Tahitian or Indian limes these are large quarters. They are also referred to as ‘beads’ or ‘pearls’

The flesh of finger limes is made up of small, bead shaped balls of juice that burst in the mouth with a delicious


What time of the year are they available?

In the Northern Rivers Finger limes are available from Early December to June. The trees flower in July. However different varieties flower and fruit at different times of the year. Finger Limes Fresh have selected varieties that give continuous supply from December to June. The timing of various varieties also depends on cold days in winter(initiating flowing) and hot days (in summer) maturing fruit. Water and fertilizer also make a big difference. Bees (native and European ) are also important!

Can I freeze Finger limes?

Yes, finger limes can be frozen- either as a whole fruit or as extracted citrus pearls. However the result, even when blast frozen is not any where near the quality of fresh picked fruit.

Can Finger limes be exported?

Yes – however certain countries (such as USA) prohibit import of citrus fruits. This is mainly due to Queensland Fruit Fly infections and the restrictions of many countries prohibiting fruit form fruit fly area.
If you wish to import into another country other than Europe please contact us to establish entry requirements.
We have many years of export/import experience and can assist you immediately.

Where can I get finger lime trees

Fingerlimes Fresh have a large nursery supplying growers and wholesale nurseries around Australia.
Generally these plants are supplied to commercial growers and nurseries as either cutting or grafted stock in quantities of 100 plants or more. Never ever buy plants grown from seed. You will have died of old age before they bear fruit.

Learn about our export service here.