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Closed from 18/12 to 7/1

Fingerlimes Fresh will be relaxing and surfing from 18 December to 7th January.
There are several reasons
1. Australia Post cannot guarantee delivery before Xmas or orders
2. All our freight companies are closed for this period for export orders.
3. We want a break
Looking forward to sharing the new year and some great fruit.
Chris + Team

New Season 2018 - 2019

We have started picking fresh fruit on 21/11/2018. The variety was the Tasty Green’
This is the variety featured on the store.
The pink varieties are picked from Mid January to March.
The Emerald green varieties are also picked from Mid January
The fruit is in excellent condition despite a long dry winter (3 months of very little rain).
However our orchard is irrigated and we have plenty of water.
The growing system protects the trees from the hot dry westerlies that come in mid November.

End Of Season

What an awesome season !!!

This season has ranged from early December 2017 to May 2018.
Some varieties (rainbows and tasty green) are still producing in a second flush .
However the trees need to be pruned and prepared for the next season .
We have sold every kg of the 10 tonnes produced to both local markets, export and Ecommerce retail especially top restaurants in Australia.

Fingerlimes Fresh has differentiated from the rest of the producers in that we have invested in pack house and processing facilities as well as nurseries and growing.
We export directly to Europe and Asia.

The development of a room temperature stable fruit bead extract is well advanced and will be released on the market next season.

Plant sales to growers is exceeding expectations.

Thank you every one and we promise an even better next season with double the production from another 4,000 trees and more being planted with exiting new varieties.

The new season has begun

The great weather and rain with a dry winter has produced an early start to the season.

We are now picking the large tasty green variety of finger limes and shipping starting second week in December.

The Pink varieties are looking good for first week in January.

The crop looks awesome !!

Welcome to Finger Limes Fresh

Finger Limes Fresh are excited to make available the latest exotic native fruit sensation on the market!

We offer a variety of premium Finger lime products that range from fresh fruit as either pink, green or mixed varieties in loose bulk (1 – 5kg ) or 150g punnets.

A new use for matcha

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder .
Not only does it make a great refreshing hot cold drink/tea it is fantastic with mixed with finger limes as a layer
on a panacotta in a small glass.
We tried panacotta with honey and yogurt plus a matcha jelly layer with finger limes. Divine .
Ice-cream is also an taste sensation secret for both matcha and finger limes.


Two key issues in Finger lime production are

  1. Identifying fruit with blemish or defects.
  2. Assessing the maturity and sugar content of the fruit

To address these critical challenges, Finger limes Fresh has developed a customised, computerised grading machine that sorts the finger limes by colour , length, major defects and sugar content (NIR)

The finger limes are sorted by the grader after washing/ scrubbing in 150ppm hypochlorite and then pass through a drying tunnel.

The sorted finger limes may be further waxed and sold as bulk fresh or frozen product in one kilo units.Smaller varieties of finger limes (up to 5cm) are packed in 150g punnets.