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Sachet Convenience

Finger lImes Fresh has released a new innovation for consumers and serious foodies.
These single use sachet contains 15g of seedless finger lime beads .
Special processing of allows the product to be stored for up to 12 months at normal refrigeration temperatures (5 – 10C).
This processing avoids freezing and thawing- A process that destroys many of the fruit beads and destroys the sharp
tasty zing experienced from a fresh finger lime.
This product has application in Oyster bars, drinks and Fish shops.

Fresh Fingerlimes

So what is a fresh fingerlime and how can you recognise it?

Well first it should be able to be snapped like a fresh bean. If it bends and does not snap open releasing the beads then it is not fresh. It may also have been picked after severe heat stress. Temperatures can get as high as 50C in Northern Rivers.
When either cut or snapped open, the beads should begin flowing out spontaneously.
If the fruit is soft and not firm (this may also be at the ends ) it is not fresh
If the ends (tails not stalk end) are soft or discoloured it is not fresh or has been damaged
Fruit the has been frozen and thawed may give all of these issues.
If the fruit is mouldy or leaking beads it has exceeded use by date for sure.